Major Changes and Major Moves…

..Or how this blog is going to be strictly about crafting.

WIN_20150226_152400Yep, you read subtitle right.  Within the next two weeks, you will no longer see the pages or posts for the herb shop.  This is because it’s moving to my writing blog where I can write articles about natural health, and highlight herbs without drowning out all the crafty stuff on this blog.

How will I do this?

  • I will export files from this blog and delete them. I will them upload them to the other blog and make pages as I do this.
  • You will see the herb shop page appear on that blog, which is here.
  • I will then start adding articles about everything natural health related as well as the other writing you will see there.

Yep, I have given myself another project, but I will not overwhelm myself.  I am going to be doing this a little at a time, and revamping the posts as I go, updating them and posting the links on my writing FB page.  My goal for this is to ultimately have a blog that just does crafts.

I am going to pay all the way….

I am going to use some of my refund to purchase the blogs, if I can.  This going to be major, and it will mean that I can actually have plug-ins that will help me manage my blog more effectively.

There will be links…

I will be making posts about my pieces and posting the links to the store in the posts.  I am trying to build links to increase my organic search.  Hopefully, this will bring more people to my shop.

There will be tutorials…

You read that right.  I will be making blog posts on tutorials.  Not on all my stuff.  Just basic techniques, and some of the popular pieces.

Will I be writing a jewelry making book?

Yes.  It will be about micro-macrame, and it will be sold through my other blog.

Will I go back to highlighting other crafters?

You bet!  I loved looking for crafters and highlighting them on here, and I will be doing it again.

I hope you will stick with me during this transition.  There have been many in the past.  That is because I was always thinking that putting everything together was better, but it just doesn’t seem to be working.

Until next time, God Bless!



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