We’re Unpacking… yay (sarcasm)

Unpacking is a pain...
Unpacking is a pain…

…Or why can’t I just snap my fingers and pull a Mary Poppins.

Where is that nanny when you need her?  Can someone tell me?  If not, could someone pass me a wand?  Give me telekinesis?  Something?  UGH.

The only thing worse than packing is unpacking.  I wish these things could do themselves, but alas, they don’t and thus I have to do it.  I made a huge dent in it yesterday, but it just seems like the pile of boxes and things is getting larger when I am not looking.  Hubby and Nephew are going to clean and arrange the kitchen.  We’ve been eating off of paper plates and plastic flatware.  We have our flatware now.  YAY.  It’s the small things.  Meanwhile, I write with my mind on what still needs to go where and how the world to get it there.  ADD can be a bear sometimes.  The next few days are going to be taxing for me.

A lot of the craft things are still intact.  I had to toss some poly clay that somehow got opened and dried out.  *sigh* One of my knickknacks got broken.  It can be glued back together, but I had a minor melt down.  I found my grandfather’s harmonica and a picture of my grandmother when she was younger.  Both of those have been put on a shelf for display.  There still times I wish they were still here.  I know they are with me in spirit.

Until Next Time, Stay Crafty!



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