Something to see here, eventually

Yep, easily distracted, that's me!
Yep, easily distracted, that’s me!

I am still in the process of getting everything together and sticking to a schedule.  There is only one problem…  my internal clock.  You know the one.  The one wakes you up in the morning?  Yeah, that one.  It’s been waking me up an hour to two hours behind my schedule.  This throws me off.  I guess I should push back my schedule, but then I think I would finish later.  I have no clue at this point.

Then there is the fact that I am missing making jewelry.  Yep, I miss it.  Don’t get me wrong, ghostwriting is exciting, but by the time everything is done for the day, I don’t have time to bead.  I have to fix that somehow.  I also have to make time to take pictures and post new items for sale.  Really there a mix between old ones and a few new ones, but hey, who’s paying attention anyway.  *clears throat*

From now on, I will be posting the jewelry here.  Yep, future listings of jewelry and other crafts will be sold directly from this blog, and I will be using PayPal.  Storenvy has gone Stripe gaga, and whenever I go to the group for Storenvy users, I see complaint after complaint about how customers are getting charged double and even triple.  Not me, no sir.

I am working on the different sections for my items on this blog.  Each post will contain whether it’s ready to ship or made to order.  I will also include if it is a custom order.

There will be more tutorials as well.  I am going to do one a week, and not worry about the schedule for that day.  I know I will get everything finished.  It will just take longer.

Don’t forget you can always order custom items here.

I hope this clears some stuff up.  I promise.  I will post more.

Until next time, God Bless and stay crafty!



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