Dragonflies Abound!

dragonfly pedant necklace
The complete dragonfly necklace.

This is a story of wire, crystals, and an idea.  Something I never thought I would be able to do was nagging at my brain.  I want to make a dragonfly necklace. There was one problem.  I had come to the realization that I was going to have to make the dragonfly.  I mean actually make it.  Not buy it, no, not me, besides, there wasn’t a dragonfly pendant that I liked.  This left me with no other options.  So, I needed a jump off point for this.  I had already made the chain.  It had been lying in wait forever, waiting for the perfect pendant.  (You see.  I had made the chain whilst on the road with my hubby, and not knowing what to accent it with, it was put up and forgotten.)

Fast forward>>…

We’re in Minnesota.  We’re staying with my parents, and I am having the itch to make the dragon fly.  So, I sit with wire and crystals.  I use 20 gauge wire for the main body and 24 gauge for the wrapping around the crystals for the thorax.  (I’m so technical. -.-)

Wire wrapped crystals for dragonfly body
Dragonfly body

I have to start this over one time because I thought I had enough wire, silly me.
Now, for the wings, this was the part that used the most wire, not because it takes a lot of wire, but my OCD was kicking in and, if the wings didn’t looks symmetrical, I had to start over.  It took about six tries and four different lengths of wire to get the wings the way you see them.

Now, all I had to do was attach them.  That meant more 26 gauge wire.  I wrapped the crap out of while holding the wings straight to make sure the he wasn’t going to fly crooked.  (That’s important, you, see.)  I had left just enough wire on the top end to hook him to the chain.

And here you have it:

Dragonfly pendant
Completed Daragonfly. Now, where’s that chain?

Oh, right, that’s not it.  You want to see the whole thing?  Well,  keep scrolling, and you’ll find it and the link where you can buy him.

Click here to purchase!


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