To Our Soldiers

To the fallen (Picture:
To the fallen

To those who fought in foreign wars,

To protect our freedoms on distant shores,

To those who now struggle with nightmarish scenes

In their minds that no one sees,

To those who souls were rent asunder

By having to kill countless others,

To those who lost their fighting brothers,

I thank you more than any other.

I thank you for your service in the branch you chose.

For all those branches protect us the most.

I am sorry that there are those who would scorn,

Who would protest and not morn

For those lost and didn’t make it home.

But I pray this prayer above all else,

May you find peace within yourself.


To the Soldiers Who Gave All the and Families of Soldiers Who have to Visit a Cemetery this Memorial Day, Thank you.

To all the soldiers still with us haunted by PTSD, i hope you find peace and may God help you on your journey to find it.

Anissa Mathias

Proud Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran


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