Are you too busy selling to listen?

not my picture.
not my picture.

I get it. You’re in competitive field. You sell jewelry. Whether you make it or sell through direct marketing, there is one thing you need to ask yourself.

Are you really listening to your customers?

Are you really taking the time to read the messages, email, or listen to them over the phone? Do you have a good idea of what they want? Or are you too busy trying to sell them something to think about it? We all want to make money. We all love what we do, but are you looking for just a sale or someone who will be so impressed by the fact that you took the time to listen to their needs and come up with something unique that will have them telling their friends and coming back for more?

All it takes is a few questions and suggestions, not pictures and sales pitches. Forget that you are trying to sell something for just a second and put yourself in their shoes.

  • Are they looking for something to wear to an event?
    • What type of event?
      • This makes all the difference. You don’t want a statement piece for a wedding when you’re not the bride.
      • You don’t want a formal piece when you’re just going out to have fun on the town.
    • Do they want it to go with something they already plan on wearing?
      • Some people just want an extra piece to make a matching set.
      • You may not be able to make it in the same style, but a coordinating piece will go a long way.
    • Are they wanting to wear it after the event?
      • Most people are looking are looking for pieces that are versatile. This means they want to be able to wear it other places, and not just put it in a jewelry box to reminisce about when they wore it when.
      • Making a piece they can wear to other events and places will let them take the memory with them, and it’s advertising all its own.

We all start crafting jewelry because we enjoyed it, and making money on something we love should be icing on the cake, not the cake itself. Be you, not a salesperson. If they wanted a sales person, they would go to the mall or jewelry store chain. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and really listen to what they are telling you. This will not only get you a client, but a repeat one that will bring friends.

Until next time, God bless, and stay crafty,



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