Etsy Seller Dos and Don’ts…

Etsy-illustrated-LogoWe all want to be successful on Etsy. We all want enough sales to make us smile and keep us busy so we can avoid the dreaded “day job”, but there are some things that you need to keep in mind when selling on Etsy to make it a smooth and rewarding experience.


Try not to carry just one-off items…

I made this mistake, and now I am scrambling to fix it. These are one time items that you can reproduce, but chose not to do so. Upcycling items and vintage items are obvious exceptions to this because, well, you can’t make them again. If something you can reproduce sells in your shop, keep it in stock. If you don’t have it on hand, you can change the shipping time to reflect that it is a made-to-order item.

Make sure your photos are not blurry…

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is important enough to bring up. Grainy photos, blurry photos, and photos that do not show the true color of the item make the buyer leery and more apt to shop elsewhere. Take pride in your pictures. After all, you took pride in making that item or finding that perfect vintage piece for your shop. Why do it a disservice by giving it a crummy picture? Use all five slots they give you as well. Can’t come up with a fifth photo? you can include how you ship it in the fifth one.


Don’t use terms of the trade in descriptions or titles…

Terms like OOAK or wire wrapped aren’t terms people are familiar with. Heck, it took me a bit to figure out what OOAK meant, and I make jewelry by hand (One Of A Kind, in case your wondering.) If your shop has a myriad of unique items, them include the fact that since it’s handmade, no two are exactly alike. You’re not lying really, and that tells your customer they are buying something truly unique.

Don’t renew tons at once…

We all have listings that expire in batches at a time. Don’t renew more than 1 or 2 day to keep your ranking up on Etsy and stay relevant to search engines. Stagger them out.

Don’t be brief…

Describe your item as much as possible. If you’re having problems with how, you can visit my first blog post on this here.

Know your style…

This is something I am having a problem with. I love to make things, but when it comes to describing the style, I am a lost ball in high weeds. Look up examples of styles so that you can pick the two that best fit the description of your item.

Do buy from other artisans…

This is something, again that may not need to be said, but is soooo important. There are artisans on Etsy that sell findings and other things you can purchase to make things with. By supporting them, you are giving them a chance to keep plying their trade, and there is a chance that they may feature you in a blog post, treasury, or social media outlet.

Add in a personal touch…

A small trinket, and/or a “thank you” note. include in the packaging something that lets them know you appreciate their business. Don’t forget your business card. If you put about five in the package, they will pass them out, and spread the word.

Customer Service…

  • You are it. You are the shipper, receiver, manufacturer/procurer, and cashier. Whether they come back to your shop is all up to you, no pressure. Winking smile 
  • Be kind. Be courteous. Keep an open line of communication with the customer.
  • Let them know when you have shipped out the item and when to expect it.
  • Follow-up with them. Ask them if everything is alright with their purchase.
  • Don’t be bashful about asking for reviews!


That’s it for now! Can you think of any dos and don’ts? Put them in the comments, and they may find their way into another blog post! Here are some links to other blogs that offer advice:

Keep following! Next time I am going to highlight how to tie it all together!

Until next time, God bless, and stay crafty!



4 thoughts on “Etsy Seller Dos and Don’ts…

  1. Now that Etsy offers auto renewal I’m sure most people do that so they don’t forget when it’s time to renew–at least I do, but I may undo that because it is a bit much to pay on the bill especially if all your items were listed on the same day…lol. To be honest l like the fact that I don’t have to think about renewing.


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