Of Auctions and Sales…


So, by the suggestion of a friend, I am submitting my pieces to auctions on Facebook Groups. This is new to me, and there is always a learning curve, and this is a bug one for me. I am used to setting up a listing, marketing it, and then hoping someone will find it and buy it. Business has been non-existent. I have made moves to Storenvy and back to Etsy, which hasn’t helped, I know. I am just ready to try anything that will get my sales going, and this seems to be something that might just work.

For those of you who are wondering how auctions that are NOT on Ebay work, read on…

There are rules to every group/auction…

Once you are in the group, read the rules. Some will have you invite people before posting and others allow you to post right away. As they are groups, you will have to comment and bump others’ listings in the group. This will get you noticed and bumped as well.

How long are the auctions?

That depends on the group. Some allow auctions to only last two days, others a week. Some let you extend the auction, others do not.



I had to learn the terminology. It wasn’t hard, but I am passing it on to you.

SB: Starting Bid-This needs to cover at least materials cost.

BI: Bid increments- These are usually $1 US.

BIN: Buy it now- This is normally the price you would sell it for.


I am still learning this and trying to find my way around. As I learn, I will post more on it. Smile

Until then, God Bless and Stay Crafty!

Li’l Bit



I forgot the links. How silly of me:

Enchanting Jewelry Auctions

Spectacular Necklaces, Bracelets, and More


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