Things I have learned on my Journey…



When you first start on a hobby, you don’t really know where it will take you. I had a friend introduce me to making jewelry, and now I have boxes full beads, wire, and thread. I have seed beads, gemstone beads, Swarovski crystal elements, and jump rings to make any rainy day, or God-forbid sick day, into a crafting spree. I learned a lot since she showed me this craft, and I am going to share some of it with you.

Oh, shiny moments can be dangerous…

Yes, when I first started, I bought beads and findings because they looked cool or were pretty and I had to make something out of them. This led to me taking them home and wondering what I was going to do with them. I grew out of that, well mostly.

Branch out…

This is more for me. Having ADD means I need a lot of options to keep me going and get my creative juices to keep flowing. I have purchased beading magazines, looked at tutorials online, and then turned around made certain styles and patterns my own. I may copy another’s pattern, but, like a good crafter, I will credit them should I list it for sale.

Stay away from copyright troubles…copyright-symbol

Licensed materials and likenesses are just that, licensed. Making anything that looks even remotely like a trademarked item can get you in a world of hurt. I have never done this. I will never do this. I want to make money, sure. Who doesn’t? I just don’t want someone suing me for using something without their consent or not having purchased the right to use the material. I’ll just sit quietly over here and make my things.


These are more like challenges for me. I will try any pattern, and take a stab at any request, even if it means making something I think is ugly.

I am an amateur photographer…

Little did I know this journey would involve me having to learn to use a camera and take pictures, good ones. Luckily, I have a friend who took time out to give me tips and advice on how to take flattering pictures of my work.

I Learned how to draw, sort of…

There are things I can draw, but I learned that sketching my ideas helps me put them together better. My sketches may look like a four-year-old did them, but I can read them. That’s all that matters. Smile

People will haggle…

I could make a whole post ranting about this, but I digress. “That’s too expensive.” This seems to be the song of people who don’t know the value of something that has been crafted by hand. In a world of mass-manufactured, Made-in-China-and-breaks-in-24-hours items, I have heard this phrase many times. I try my best to explain, but I think they just want something for little to nothing.


That’s it for this post, but it’s by no means everything I have learned. What have you learned crafting?
God bless and stay crafty,

Li’l Bit


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