Is that a Vulcan ear? Why yes, it is.


I am doing it, finally. A foray into the world of cosplay, my way. Wire worked ears, and I am starting with Vulcan ears. Yup, Vulcan. The sketch for the ear is very rough. I am not much of a quick sketch artist, but I had to get my concept on paper before my ADD brain decided to go on to other crafty things. So, if you scroll down, you will see the first style of ear. Why Vulcan? Well…


My first love wasn’t fantasy. *GASP* Say it isn’t so. *hangs head* It’s true. My first love was Science Fiction. Space, the Final Frontier. Shows like Space 1999, Doctor Who, and of course, Star Trek. While most other people wanted to be Captain Kirk, I wanted to be like Spock. Here is this alien, this pointy eared,logically minded counterpoint to all us hot blooded and impulsive humans. He thought things through, analyzed things, and came up with solutions that worked.

He was calm, cool, collected, and had pointed ears and green blood. I liked Spock. He was the definition of a cool cat, someone who had it together. Though the movies would show us other sides to him, this is what I will always remember.

Fast Forward…

People, both famous to the world and famous just to ourselves, pass, and so, the end of an era passed along with Leonard Nimoy. Never again will we see a Vulcan with poise and a sense of humor. No one will measure up to him. There will never be another Spock like him. I have a niece who asked me if I made ears. You see, she’s a cosplayer and an aspiring actress and some of her coplays leave me in awe.

Alas, I had to tell her no, but I was going to work on some projects in the new year. She was excited. So, Michelle Brannon, this one is for you. One of many designs to come.

The Vulcan ear:


Until next time, my readers, “Live long, and prosper.”

Li’l Bit


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