I am going to teach? Yup.


Handing out business cards in order to start my business in the right direction has garnered lots of questions. One of these is if I teach jewelry and craft classes. The later was from two assisted living community directors. I said “yes” to everyone, which lead to me starting a new page on my blog which will eventually include pricing for classes.

Yes, classes for crafts and jewelry. Now to list what kind.

Basic Classes-Jewelry

  • Cleaning and maintaining your jewelry
  • Jewelry repair
  • How to make earrings-three different kinds and how to convert earrings
  • How to string beads
  • How to string Pearls


Intermediate Classes-Jewelry

  • Different ways to close necklace strands.
  • Multi-strand necklaces
  • Introduction to wire jewelry
  • How to make a wire necklace and bracelet
  • How to incorporate chain into your pieces


As I come up with more class ideas, I will be making more posts. I will also be adding the prices for the classes to the page. Payments are through PayPal. There will be a separate page for schools and assisted living communities that wish to inquire.

God bless and stay crafty!

Li’l Bit


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