I’ve been searching; I’ve been seeking, and this is what I found…

Yep, this is pretty much been me. I am actively searching for venues to sell my jewelry and also pricing out materials and locations for my jewelry classes. When I do find something, I will be off to the races, just like Jack. For now, I am biding my time and carefully calculating where I am going to hold the classes and what I am going to charge.

While I am thinking about the materials and selling locations, here are a few tips if you’re planning on branching out into venues that are permanent.


What’s good for real estate, is great for you, the crafter/seller. Don’t be afraid to scout out venues and pay attention to the location and traffic. More often then not, you’re looking for a venue:

  • which has heavy traffic,
    • A full parking lot is only a good sign if the traffic is in the venue as well as the surrounding shops.
    • Go into the venue to see how many are actually shopping in it. Remember, much of the vehicles belong to employees, depending on the size of the parking lot/shopping center.
  • is located near a popular shopping center, and
    • Grocery stores, open air malls, and other center like this draw lots of customers. A venue in one of these would help get you exposure.
  • is easy to get in and out of for the customers shopping there.
    • Ever get frustrated trying to turn, or out, of a shopping center? Yeah, your customers get frustrated, too. Some so much so they keep driving.


Scout out the location further by going inside and checking out the prices. There are a lot of venues that offer booths and spaces to people, but not all venues are the same when you look at price points and ranges. Some may look great, but the price points may be too low for you to even inquire about booth space. Walk around the venue and take in the booths, merchandise, and over all price points of the vendors in the venue. If you feel you would have to downgrade your materials or lower your prices to even try to reserve a space, keep looking. It’s not going to be worth it.






Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s your merchandise that may be going into the venue. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Here are some you can ask:

  1. How long have you been at this location? (The longer, the better, this means steady clientele.)
  2. Do you advertise online? (This is a big one. If they do, that means more potential clients for you.)
    1. This includes Yelp, Google business, and other review sites.
  3. Do you have your own web presence? (This can lead you asking about having your store links on their site for more exposure.)
  4. Are you on Social Media? (This may seem like a dumb question, but there are people who are not Social savvy with their businesses.)
  5. Has merchandise like mine had any luck in your venue? (This is the bread and butter question. Don’t forget this one.)


To consign or not to consign, that is the question. Some consignment shops will tell you upfront whether your items will sell in their shop or if it will be a waste of your time and effort. If you are interested in putting your wares in a consignment shop, here is a link that should explain how these shops work:

How do Consignment Shops work?





Don’t forget to adjust your prices for the new overhead. This shouldn’t be much, but you do need to take into account how much you’re paying for your space, or your cut of the consignment. If it’s a weekend thing, like a flea market you will need to make sure you can recoup your booth fees in the time allotted for the flea market or event. If you are paying monthly for a booth, you can divide the rent by 30 and add it to each of your pieces for the adjustment.  This will give you a good idea of how many pieces you would need to sell you cover your living costs and rent for the booth.


Until next time, God Bless and Stay Crafty!

Li’l Bit


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