The Before and After of Listing Revamping


This is the first listing on Etsy for the blue and gold bracelet. As you can see it’s a little lack-luster. The bracelet doesn’t pop out at you, and the color balance is a bit off. I took this while I was riding with my husband in his truck. I did the best I could for not having a studio or any kind of set-up for pictures, but it needed a lot of work.

In this post, I will show you how I revamped this listing. The hope is that it will help all those starting out to take better pictures and make stellar listings from the start. Are you ready?










In this picture, I took the angle I wanted, but again, with the gray (a sweater, admittedly) the gold and blue doesn’t really pull you in. You need to ask yourself, when taking pictures, “Will this grab their attention?” If the answer is, “No.” You have to go back to the drawing board. 

blueandgoldbefore1 [2]


Moving on, I took a snapshot of this and edited it in Evernote to highlight one of the most important parts of the listing, the title. Most people put a fancy title for their pieces not realizing something. People that are looking for jewelry are not going to do a search for the name of a piece. They plug descriptions into the search bar and see what comes up. This means the title you give your piece probably won’t turn up in the search, leaving you wondering why your jewelry is not selling.




Now, look at this revamped title. You can see the difference. Just like Twitter, you have 140 characters to put as the title of your item you’re selling. Ask yourself how someone would search for the item, and then plug in your search terms into the engine and see what comes out.

Can you see anything else different about the listing? Yup, I used all the slots for materials. Some people who come to Etsy will do searches on materials. It’s always good to cover your bases, all of them. You never know how someone will find your item.





Then there was the description:


Um, yeah, there isn’t much there. In order to sell an item, you have to sell the item. Let me explain. You have to ask yourself:

  • Who is the item for?
  • Why will they want to but it?
  • What occasions is it good to wear to?
  • What style will your item work with?

I really didn’t answer any of those questions. I just described it and hoped for the best.



You can see the new description here. You can’t talk to people and convince them to buy something when you list it online. You have to sell it with your words. You have to grab their attention with pictures and keep it with the description. You have to use keywords to make the listing search engine friendly. You can see how I worked those in. Now for the questions:

  • Who? Mother, Daughter, girlfriend.
  • Why? To make her stand out in the crowd and because she loves the colors.
  • What occasions? Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Just because.

Don’t forget to include the length. In the next post in this series, I will do a before and after for earrings. Oh! I forgot to show you the revamped pictures.

You’ll notice how I used a Japanese tea cup to make the beads pop and really stand out. I also used a digital camera. Why? You’ll have to click here to read the answer.

Want to see the whole listing? That’s here.

Until next time, stay crafty, my friends.


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