Policies and Guidelines

Fees and Shipping:

Unless otherwise stated, site fees are included in the price along with shipping at time of purchase.

All purchases include a break-down of the items purchased and any fees included when purchased directly from this site.  When purchasing from etsy or ebay, the fees are automatically included in the item price.  Any refunds given will not include Paypal, Ebay,  or Etsy fees.




Online policy:

All Jewelry has a 15 day return policy.

In person purchases:

All jewelry has a 7 day return policy.

All Jewelry items, regardless of how it was purchased,  have a lifetime guarantee.  This means that repairs are free of charge if the damage to the item is due to regular wear and tear.  If it is apparent that the item has been destroyed, Li’l Bit’s Craft Corner reserves the right to charge the customer for repairing the item.  Resizing is covered under the guarantee.

All pieces are photographed, and management is fully aware in what condition the item was shipped.

Regular wear includes the following:

Worn out clasp

Broken chain

Stretched out links or wristband

If the item needs to be restrung.

If the item is lost or stolen, there is not return, exchange or remaking of the item.


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