Gone for now, but not for long… I hope.


Yes, I am sorry, but due to the addition of yet another rescued dog, my step daughter in the hospital, and my sister-in-law about to start cancer treatments, I can’t manage three blogs, make jewelry, and market it. Not right now, anyway, it’s too much. This will be a short post, but read on, if you want to know about the future of this business, it’s blog, and all the social media that goes with it.

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Tips on choosing your craft and getting started…

chicken31-300x217You’ve been looking online trying to figure out your thing, your hobby, your craft. You’ve searched different types, and you’re still a little leery as to what you would like to pick and run with in terms of crafting and hobbies. Everyone has that one thing they do well, but you’re beginning to think it may have skipped you. You’re in luck, my friend. It hasn’t skipped you. You just haven’t found it yet. I hope these tips will help you on your way to a new outlet, and who knows, a new way to make some extra money, too.

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Alice Meets Zentangle… A Watercolor Adventure

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

When one first sets out on an adventure to make something out of their comfort zone, one tends to sit and ponder what that might be. So, I sat, and wondered what I could do. Many people absolutely love Alice in Wonderland and many more love the Mad Hatter and his tea party. It is an iconic part of the movies and book. I set about sketching his hat. Why his hat? Well…

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The Before and After of Listing Revamping


This is the first listing on Etsy for the blue and gold bracelet. As you can see it’s a little lack-luster. The bracelet doesn’t pop out at you, and the color balance is a bit off. I took this while I was riding with my husband in his truck. I did the best I could for not having a studio or any kind of set-up for pictures, but it needed a lot of work.

In this post, I will show you how I revamped this listing. The hope is that it will help all those starting out to take better pictures and make stellar listings from the start. Are you ready?

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Getting “around” your Media Marketing

Blow the trumpets and sound the horns! The review for the dashboard Around.io is here! That’s right, my followers, I finally scheduled it in, and now I am going to give you a no-holds-barred review. To the left is one of the main pages for this platform of platforms to help you market your Etsy or Storenvy items.

I found this when I was on Storenvy and fell in love with the ease of it. How easy? Read on, my friends.

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My take on digital cameras v cell phone cameras


A long, long time ago, in galaxy… You know the rest. Back when I first started making jewelry, I got books and asked questions in order to get better and broaden my horizons. I made pieces you can probably see on my Facebook Fan Page in an album. You see, I had all this jewelry and thought it was time to try and sell them. I took the advice some people gave me and opened an account on Etsy. Then it hit me. I have to take pictures and put them online. I bought an HP digital camera. It was simple to use, and I thought I was on my way. The pictures weren’t just right. I had a friend look at them and being a freelance photographer, he took a look at the pictures and gave me advice on how to make them better.

It was back to the drawing board. Taking his advice to heart, I found a magazine that helped me take better product pictures. Now, with a little ingenuity and a better camera, I am leagues away from where I was. How did I do this? How do I take the pictures I do now, and why do I prefer a digital camera over a cell phone camera?  Read on, my friends. I will explain why and even give you a little advice along the way.




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I’ve been searching; I’ve been seeking, and this is what I found…

Yep, this is pretty much been me. I am actively searching for venues to sell my jewelry and also pricing out materials and locations for my jewelry classes. When I do find something, I will be off to the races, just like Jack. For now, I am biding my time and carefully calculating where I am going to hold the classes and what I am going to charge.

While I am thinking about the materials and selling locations, here are a few tips if you’re planning on branching out into venues that are permanent.

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I am going to teach? Yup.


Handing out business cards in order to start my business in the right direction has garnered lots of questions. One of these is if I teach jewelry and craft classes. The later was from two assisted living community directors. I said “yes” to everyone, which lead to me starting a new page on my blog which will eventually include pricing for classes.

Yes, classes for crafts and jewelry. Now to list what kind.

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Zentangles, Calligraphy, an ear, and a cat? Oh, well…

Yep, it’s a cat. She walked on my sketch pad as I was taking pictures.

Bandit the cat

She was, well, being a cat. I can’t blame her, but every time I start to draw, doodle, or anything else not having to with my laptop, she promptly sits on it. I am just thanking my lucky stars she didn’t do that here. Don’t worry. I have other pictures of what she is walking on. You will get to see them, and you get to delve, once again, into an ADD mind busting at the seems with creativity and not knowing what to do first. It’s a curse. Read on, my intrepid and loving subscribers; read on.

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