Let’s Get Those Eggs Colored,…

…and let’s do it without all the artificial stuff, shall we?

Pretty colors, aren't they?

Ever wonder if there is a way to color those eggs without buying the kits that they sell in the stores?  There is, and I have the link for you.  The article is complete with instructions on how to mix the all natural colors as well.  Happy coloring, and happy hunting!

Homemade Easter Egg Dyes

Parties For Less – Centerpieces

Just click on the video to follow the instructions. Please, feel free to leave comments in the section below the video at its location on youtube. I am always looking for advice on how to improve my video skills.

May your party be a happy one; may your guests make it a memorable one, and may your children grow to remember the memories that you have made with them.

Bless you all.

A Christmas Centerpiece and a Simple Table Setting…

Edible Christmas Centerpiece
Christmas Centerpiece

A little bamboo, a little candy some ornaments and ribbon, and you have yourself a centerpiece that is both decorative and edible.  Why edible?  So that, by the end of the night, the only thing your putting away to recycle for next year are the ribbons and the ornaments.  I suppose you could recycle the take out box as well, but they come out with those every year and in different patterns, too.

Tools needed:


freezer bag

Materials needed:

Red and Green Wire trimmed ribbon 2@2.99 ea.     $5.98

1 Take Out Box                                                                          $1.00

39 Individual pieces of candy                                            $2.63

-15 of these being peppermints

Bamboo Skewers

8 Long                                                                                          $.16

16 short                                                                                       $.16

1 tube of mini ornaments                                                      $1.00

4 Candy Canes                                                                            $.48

Bag of Glass Beads (I already had these)                            ?

Curly Ribbon (on Sale last year)                                        $.99

Four Striped Silly Straws                                                      $1.00

Total for center piece                                                           $14.21

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