Picking the Right Beads…

Picking the right beads is important.
Picking the right beads is important.

… Or how not to get carried away by all the shiny things.

I must admit, even though I don’t wear what I make (Well, every once in a blue moon.), when I started making jewelry, I would buy beads because they looked cool, neat, pretty, or just caught my eye. It wasn’t until I sat down to start actually making pieces that I would wonder what I was thinking as I looked around to all the shiny, colorful beads that I had purchased. I would force myself to string together beads in combinations that I now look back on and shudder. The pieces were, in my biased opinion, hideous. I either dismantled them, or buried them in a box, never to be looked upon again.

Now that I have been making jewelry for a while, I am more selective in what I purchase. Here are a few tips for the budding designers out there, whether you are starting a jewelry business or just making your own.

Finding the “Zen” of it.

If you can’t picture it, don’t buy them. It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying all the pretty and shiny beads out there; so, as you look at the strings of beads hanging from the peg, ask yourself if you can picture yourself making anything with the beads. If you can’t, let them be and move on my friend.

I have an idea, but I don’t know where to go from here.

You have an idea. This is a good start. Your next hurdle is picking colors and then the style. Sketch it out. It doesn’t matter what the sketch looks like as long as you can read it and refer to it for a visual.

Color and Style

Color is relative to both the season and the clothing being worn. Summer colors with winter is a clash that no one wants to see. Fire Mountain Gems has a color forecast page that is wonderful. The style is purely preference. Everyone has their own. You can choose to be the fashionista and replicate the current styles, go vintage, or even come up with your own by looking at books, magazines, and websites, and putting your own spin on it.

Above all, have fun with it.

God bless. Until next time.

Knitters and Crocheters Beware…


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Chainmaille tools
Yes, I cut the end of a crochet needle off.

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The question is:

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