The Rock “n” Roll Party Theme…

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This is the result of the 50th birthday party.  All the decorations were by yours truly, and now it’s a party package on in the etsy shop!  All the posters and centerpieces were made by hand in the scrapbook style.

When you place your order, keep in mind that the theme if fully customizable from the colors for the party right down to the centerpieces, and scrapbook posters.  Just let me know what their favorite bands are, and I can make all the decorations reflect their personal taste.



The Lucy Party

I love Lucy theme
The "I Love Lucy" Party Theme

The “I Love Lucy” 50th Birthday Party…

It all started back in when my friend declared that she wanted a “Lucy” party.  ‘Well’, I thought to myself, ‘That shouldn’t be too hard.  I’ll just get online and order some stuff to decorate with, make the cake and order some food.’  Was I ever wrong.  I looked online and couldn’t find a single thing “Lucy”  except for memorabilia.  That wouldn’t do.  I started thinking along other lines.  Time to get crafty and think completely out of the box.  I had to really think hard about the decorations, not to mention the cake itself.

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