Parties for Less… Tissue Paper Flowers


Part One

Part Two

If you wish to have me make the bouquets, the pricing is below:

1-4 bouquets: $6/each

5-8 bouquets: $5/each

9-12 bouquets: $4/each

Place your order by contacting me via email.  Let me know the colors you would like, and I will send you an invoice through Paypal.

A Christmas Centerpiece and a Simple Table Setting…

Edible Christmas Centerpiece
Christmas Centerpiece

A little bamboo, a little candy some ornaments and ribbon, and you have yourself a centerpiece that is both decorative and edible.  Why edible?  So that, by the end of the night, the only thing your putting away to recycle for next year are the ribbons and the ornaments.  I suppose you could recycle the take out box as well, but they come out with those every year and in different patterns, too.

Tools needed:


freezer bag

Materials needed:

Red and Green Wire trimmed ribbon 2@2.99 ea.     $5.98

1 Take Out Box                                                                          $1.00

39 Individual pieces of candy                                            $2.63

-15 of these being peppermints

Bamboo Skewers

8 Long                                                                                          $.16

16 short                                                                                       $.16

1 tube of mini ornaments                                                      $1.00

4 Candy Canes                                                                            $.48

Bag of Glass Beads (I already had these)                            ?

Curly Ribbon (on Sale last year)                                        $.99

Four Striped Silly Straws                                                      $1.00

Total for center piece                                                           $14.21

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Apple and Sage Chicken Dinner

I am in my kitchen, enjoying life…


When my kitchen is clean, you can’t keep me out of it.  I love to create.  I made the chicken for this recipes months back, and decided to add couple of side dishes to complement it.  here are the videos:





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The First of Many…

Well, as promised, a new video on how to make a centerpiece for a Thanksgiving dinner party.  I have changed the format of the videos.  The opening includes a list of items that you will need and how much they will cost.  I hope this will help you with your entertaining this evening.  As always, if you are local, or even if your are not, please visit Angels’ Muse Enterprises for a listing of available prices of party planning and crafting.

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They’re Here!!! The Zombies Are Here!!!

As promised,  your playlist on how to make yourself into one of the shambling dead.  As for the rest of you, keep your rules close to your heart, and should survive.  Maybe…

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How to Make Your Zombie Rot…

All the green stuff that you see all over his face is due to something called “Zombie Rot”.  Yes, you can get it at any party or Halloween store.  Yes, it adds a rather gruesome effect to the zombie make-up.  After all, what is a zombie is not a shambling thing that is rotting with parts falling off of it?  Yes, you could go to the store and spend anywhere from $6-$9 depending on where you go, but why would you want to do that when you can make it yourself?

Homemade Zombie Rot

Do you want to know it is done?  Click “play” on the vid below.





Hun, Why is That Guy Shambling? Why is His arm Falling Off?



It’s the apocalypse!  Head for the hills!  They’re coming!  It’s the zombie invasion!

Oh…  Wait….


It’s just a post about zombies…  False alarm…

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I Van To Suck Your Blood…

Yep, I know cheesy in its delivery, but it got your attention.  Here they are.

The Older vampire

The Vampire Videos…

Part One…  The basic look…


Part Two…  A little Embellishment…


As you can see, it is easier than it looks.  I will be doing a couple more vamp videos.  After all, there is the Buffy look to go over… Not to mention the truly classic vamp look.  For now, don’t look over your shoulder…

The Zombies are Coming!!!

A Child of the Night You Say?


Which one would you like to be this Halloween?  Throughout Literary and Hollywood history, there have been many children of the night.  I am going to talk about some of my favorites (and some no-so favorites) on here.


From Dracula (Lugosi did it best.) to Edward Cullen, the world has been full of Vampires, the myths, the romanticism, and strengths and weaknesses.  Ever since Hollywood glorified the undead prince, we have been finding ways to perfect the “look”.  From capes to suits, to dusters and yes, expensive slacks, the wardrobe has changed as much as the make-up.  One thing has remained constant, they are indeed pale.  The difference is in how pale, whether their cheeks look sunken in or whether they “shimmer” (Which, IMHO, they do not.)

Take a look a Bella Lugosi.  His pallor is pale (Of course, it could be due to the black and white movie.); his shirt- white, black cape, and that stare that mesmerizes.  He is the epitome of vampire legend.  The dark lips note his lack of blood to that area.  If you do a search for “Dracula”, most of the results will come up with some picture of my fave.  I do so love the classics.

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