Welcome to Li’l Bit’s Craft Corner

What is it?

This is a corner of the web that features crafts of many types:

  • paper,
  • Jewelry,
  • Calligraphy,

and anything else that catches the attention of the owner of the page. We also sell jewelry, and offer some free tutorials and advice on how to get started crafting.

What do we sell?

Chainmaille, traditionally strung and wire style jewelry to fit any occasion and taste.  We craft earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and ankle bracelets for all price ranges and types.  We even make pieces out of macrame and do custom orders.

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Chainmaille Shoppe

Double Chain weave.  Stainless Steel and Brass
We have a custom chainmaille shop!
We offer chainmaille by the inch in the variety of styles and metal choices.   When ordering, the shipping materials and labor price is already factored into the per-inch price.  Adding gemstones or beads incurs an up-charge, as does rush ordering.  Just ask, and we can give you a quote.
The Ring Shoppe!

Customizable jewelry
We have a ring shop!
Because our shop does not offer custom orders, we have them on our blog.  Choose your ring style, give us your size, and choose your metal.  If you wish to have precious metals and stones, there will be an up-charge.  Email us at for a quote.This portion of the blog is under construction.

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