Craft Classes

watch this space

In the weeks to come, I will be placing pricing for different crafting classes. Though the focus will mainly be on jewelry making, I will also be offering Zentangle, Calligraphy, and paper crafting classes as well.

What does the class include?

The fee for the class includes any materials and tools you will need for the class. Each class has a different fee according to what is being made. Once the class is over, you can take home, not only what you’ve made, but any tools you’ve used as well.

Two Class fees

Each class will have two fees, one that includes tools and one that does not. This is so, if you have done a class which has a tool used for the next one, you will not have to pay for and receive a duplicate tool.

Where will the Classes be?

Classes will be held at a designated location, unless someone volunteers their home for the the class. My home is undergoing repairs and is unsuitable for hosting classes.

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